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The Tesla Cybertruck pickup will be unveiled on November 21st in Los Angeles. It should offer a range of up to 800 km, and outstanding performance for a price around $ 50,000.

tesla pickup cybertruck teaser - Tesla: The "Cybertruck" pickup will be presented on November 21st - Tom's Guide

We finally know the date of presentation of the next electric vehicle Tesla. Elon Musk has just confirmed the date on Twitter. The Tesla pickup will be presented on November 21st in the brand's design studio in Los Angeles.

Autonomy, performance, what do we know about the Tesla pickup?

The electric vehicle is supposed to be "straight out of Blade Runner" according to Elon Musk. The only image we have is the one that illustrates the article. In other words, the true design of the pickup remains a surprise. The image has nevertheless been enough for fans to make renderings that are more like a vehicle lunar Martian.

The information we have at the moment is to be taken conditional. Although almost all come from Elon Musk's Twitter account, some are subject to interpretation. Especially since Tesla's CEO started talking about his pickup six years ago.

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The " Cybertruck Would be a vehicle that can accommodate up tosix passengers which should relegate the biggest American pickups to the rank of toy. In one of his tweets, Elon Musk talks about a towing capacity of 136 tonnes …Its autonomy would be between 650 and 800 km. The pickup would have aAWD with one engine for each axle, and the suspension would automatically adjust according to its load. Finally, the cybertruck should offer power plugs to connect tools. Its date of marketing remains unknown, but its price should be around 50 000 dollars.

As often, the brand has preferred to organize its own event rather than present its vehicle at the Las Vegas show currently being held. A show in which Ford has introduced the Lithium, his all-electric Mustang of 900 horses.

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