Tesla: The Autopilot now recognizes traffic cones and offers you to change lanes – 20 Minutes

A Tesla car charging station (illustration). – David Zalubowski / AP / SIPA

The Tesla Autopilot is still evolving. The autonomous driving assistant embedded in the
electric vehicles can now identify and take into account traffic cones, reports this Sunday ELECTrek.

Clichés published on Twitter show the traffic cones materialized on the screen with their characteristic shape and their orange color. An important evolution in terms of safety since these elements generally announce a danger and that they themselves represent an obstacle.

A lane change will be suggested

The Autopilot will now be able to avoid them. "If a traffic cone is detected and the Autopilot is active, the vehicle is designed to suggest a lane change (…) to avoid these cones. As always, you are responsible for your car and you must be vigilant in all circumstances, "said Tesla in the update note.

The American manufacturer has multiplied the updates this year. The American brand has recently promised its customers fully autonomous vehicles by the end of 2019.

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