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Tesla has big ambitions in France. According to Electrek, the American automaker has “its eyes on France”, where it intends to open “dozens of new points of sale”. The site does not specify when Tesla has set itself to conquer the French market, which it would have had "difficult to penetrate" and where "sales are dominated by national manufacturers Renault and Peugeot".

Currently, Tesla has twelve outlets in France, argus explains. Only those located in Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambourcy (in the Yvelines), Lille and soon Strasbourg offer customers all the activities related to Tesla, namely sales, testing, delivery and after-sales service. Electrek also does not specify which areas are targeted by the American company to accelerate its development in France. From Tesla's side, no information has leaked out on this subject.

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Hundreds of new points of sale planned in China

Internationally, Tesla will open its first branch in Singapore, where legislation has complicated its arrival. In China, where the company has a Gigafactory (in Shanghai), hundreds of point of sale openings are expected in the coming months. Tesla has also increased the number of openings in the United States in recent weeks in several States (New York, Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin…) and in Canada (in Laval and Ottawa, the capital of the country), its two main markets. This will allow the company to perhaps achieve its goal for the second half of 2020, namely to exceed the milestone of 300,000 deliveries of electric cars.

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