Tesla makes a gesture towards the most modest investors. While the action of the electric car manufacturer has exploded this year, making the stock market price out of reach for many investors, the group will remedy this by dividing its shares by 5 at the end of the trading day. , on Wall Street. The shareholders already in the capital will keep the amount of their investment, but will have five times more shares. For the same reasons, Apple recently took a similar step and announced that it would split its stock by three on the same date.

In addition to its actions, Tesla also wants to make its vehicles more affordable. "We will not be successful in our mission if we do not make cars affordable. What bothers me the most about our current situation is that our cars are not affordable enough. We have to fix this," said Elon Musk. during a conference call with Tesla investors and analysts. The group is thus considering a cheaper version of its Model 3, to seduce Europe. You're here, whose activity is on the rise, distances its competitors in the electric car market.

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