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Looking to test an electric vehicle a little longer than the one offered by the local dealership? What better way to make up your own mind than a weekend rental. We were able to interview Marc who offers his Tesla Model 3 via a specialized rental platform between individuals.

For several years, car rental platforms between individuals have appeared on the web. New electric vehicles are no exception to this trend. In this still niche market, the most represented brand is that of Elon Musk.

We interviewed Marc T, who rents his Tesla Model 3 on a carsharing platform. Sarah & Maxis the nickname … of his main personal vehicle. Thanks to teleworking, his Tesla is much more available for rental to customers on weekdays and weekends.

“Its high purchase cost makes it a desirable car alongside the famous Apple brand. The financial inflows through rental allow, in the long term, to smooth our cost price. And thus reduce its normal cost of use to that of a thermal vehicle ” details our interlocutor.

His motivation is also to share a driving experience with future rental companies. All in a spirit of sharing economy. Marc notes that he has had far fewer requests with the confinement. Reservations through the platforms are slowly coming in for the summer months.

Rental between individuals: a win-win solution

Renting via a car-sharing platform between individuals is a win-win relationship. You rent at a reduced price to enjoy a vehicle in perfect condition, while the renter has the opportunity to make his vehicle profitable even when he is not behind the wheel.

Marc sees 3 main interests in the formula. “The first is the visibility of our vehicle on the net for future customers. The second is a facilitation of the administrative part of rental and insurance. The third is the support and assistance of the platform for the customer and for the lessor ”. The only downside would be according to Marc, “That the transfer of penalties to the lessor in the event of a responsible accident would not be offered by the platforms!

Why did you choose a Tesla over another electric vehicle like a ZOE? Marc answers “To share and reduce operating costs! This is a luxury model with a high market value. This brand is premium. It makes sense, because in full electric! It is an extraordinary vehicle. ”

“Les Tesla have become benchmarks for the best not only for electric cars, but also for cars in general. This is the future of mobility ” he continues before concluding “Between mechanical know-how and concentrated technology, the Tesla provide a truly unique driving experience”

svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns= - Tesla rental between individuals: Marc's testimony - Automobile Propre

What platforms to rent an electric car?

Individuals or specialized agencies, several platforms offer the rental of premium electric cars:

  • : search by brand and by location possible. More than 65 Tesla rentals are available across France
  • : special Tesla rental company in a few large cities in France and French-speaking Switzerland
  • : pioneer in the rental of Tesla and luxury EVs in France since 2016
  • : a few electric and hybrid vehicles available in large French cities
  • : premium rental platform which recently included a Tesla Model 3 in its catalog

For his use, Marc T. considers the Roadstr site as the most suitable platform for his needs. “This platform is aimed at premium customers and lovers of beautiful vehicles. She will have fun with the dream model of Mr. or Mrs., the time of a weekend in Tesla. “

Marc also plans to rent his Tesla directly through the creation of his own website in the coming months. Her second goal is to give a little sister to “Sarah & Max” if the rental of it works well!

And you ? Have you already tested these rental platforms?

svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns= - Tesla rental between individuals: Marc's testimony - Automobile Propre