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15,000 vehicles must return to the garage to prevent a potential power steering problem. It is the versions before October 2016 that are affected.

Tesla has just requested the recall of 15,000 Model X, sending an email to all affected owners in North America on February 12, 2020, reported the specialized site Electrek. The vehicles concerned are those that left the factory before mid-October 2016.

It is said to be a problem with the vehicle's power steering: " We have decided to proactively update a power steering component in some Model X vehicles ", Shared the company in said email sent to its targeted customers.

Tesla would have " noticed excessive corrosion on the bolts that connect a component of the power steering to the unit "Especially in" very cold climates "where, to make roads more passable, we" uses calcium or magnesium road salts rather than sodium chloride ". The risk is therefore that the bolts break and the driver loses the power steering, and have more difficulty performing maneuvers, especially when they are in a parking lot and when traveling at low speed.

Tesla recalls 15000 Model X here are the affected models - Tesla recalls 15,000 Model X: here are the affected models - Numerama
Tesla, Model X // Source: Creative Commons Zero – CC0

The same problem as in 2018?

To date, the United States and Canada are mainly affected by this recall, and a few vehicles in France, where the Model X has been marketed since September 2016, as confirmed by our colleagues from Frandroid to Tesla.

Tesla says it will replace the affected bolts in each model and apply an anti-corrosion solution that will prevent these types of disappointments in the future. The complete power steering will be changed if the bolts found on the affected Model X are already broken or damaged.

This is not the first time that the American electric vehicle manufacturer has recalled models. In 2017, he recalled 53,000 vehicles to prevent a parking brake problem: this concerned Model S and X, also built in 2016. More surprising; Tesla had already recalled 123,000 Model S in March 2018 for a similar problem with the bolts associated with the power steering, which means that the manufacturer has taken almost two years to apply the same solution to its Model X that it had put in place for its Model S.

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