Tesla raises the price of its superchargers

Rare fire of a Tesla supercharger Car Clean - Tesla raises the price of its superchargers

Once among the cheapest in Europe, the price of superchargers has just jumped in France.

At Tesla, price changes have become commonplace. While the price of the Model S has just been revised downwards, that of superchargers has just undergone a serious increase. Previously billed € 0.24 / kWh, recharging on the brand's ultra-fast stations has just jumped to € 0.30 / kWh, an increase of 25%. Discreetly relayed on the manufacturer's website, the information affects all of the brand's superchargers in France. While Tesla does not explain the reason for the change, it appears to be linked to the arrival of new V3 superchargers in Europe.

Despite this upward revision, the price of the Californian brand's superchargers remains more affordable than that practiced by Ionity. Excluding the subscription plan, the German consortium now charges € 0.79 / minute to users of its network.

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