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Tesla promises to install SuperChargers in every major city in Europe. Jeroen Van Tilburg, European director of Tesla's charging infrastructure, assured that the automaker will accelerate the deployment of Superchargers in city centers. The company wants to make recharging in urban areas easier.

Tesla promises to install SuperChargers in all major European cities - Tesla promises to install SuperChargers in all major European cities - PhonAndroid
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Charging is the sinews of war for Tesla and any electric car maker. Difficult to democratize and popularize electric vehicles if recharging is an obstacle course. With this in mind, Tesla wants to accelerate the deployment of SuperChargers V3 in the city centers of major European cities.

As a reminder, this is the third generation of ultra fast charger developed by Tesla and launched at the end of 2019. They offer a charging power of 250 kW, and according to the manufacturer's statements, allow to reach the 120 km of range in just 5 minutes of charging.

Recently, the California-based company unveiled a new SuperCharger V3 in downtown Berlin. At the event, Tesla's European Director of Charging Infrastructure Jeroen Van Tilburg returned to the manufacturer's strategy : " Now, as part of our commitment to make it easier and more comfortable to own a Tesla for everyone, including those who do not have immediate access to charging at home or in the workplace, we are extending our network of Superchargers to city centers ”, he announced.

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Berlin, Tesla's new El Dorado

The place where this Supercharger was installed in Berlin is not trivial. It was placed near the EUREF Campus, a world-renowned laboratory specializing in the study and promotion of renewable energies. It is also very close to this institution that, according to some rumors, Tesla could set up its new European design center.

Don't forget that Berlin will also host Tesla's first European Gigafactory. CEO Elon Musk confirmed his choice in 2019, and it is also in this factory that the next Tesla for the European market will be designed, such as the new models of Tesla Model S and X, as well as the Tesla Model Y .

To date, Tesla has installed 1,971 charging stations worldwide, which include 17,467 Superchargers of all generations.

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