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After several postponements, Tesla seems to have finally set a date for the presentation of its next revolutionary batteries. According to a document spotted by Electrek, a shareholders' meeting is scheduled for September 22 just before a "Tesla Battery Day" and an important announcement …

Tesla Prepares quotBattery Dayquot And Big Announcement For September 22 - Tesla Prepares "Battery Day" And Big Announcement For September 22 - Frandroid

Whispered many times, but never defined, the presentation of the next Tesla batteries now has an official date. In a document spotted by the site Electrek – SEC financial statement file submitted to the US Securities & Exchange Commission –, the automaker has scheduled a shareholders' meeting on September 22 just before … " the separate presentation of Tesla's ‘Battery Day’ on the same day. "

Tesla, Inc. announced today that its 2020 annual meeting of shareholders will be held on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. Pacific time at the Tesla plant in Fremont. Eligible shareholders can also attend the separate presentation of Tesla Battery Day, which will be held on the same day, with additional details to be announced at a later date.

Elon Musk’s firm also said the two events will be webcast live.

A day dedicated to drums

So don't wait for a Roadster with SpaceX thrusters or new vehicles to succeed the eventful presentation of the Cybertruck. As the Tesla boss said a few weeks ago, the day will be dedicated solely to the batteries and future autonomy of the brand's cars.

The event had to be postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic and containment in several states and countries around the world, with Tesla wanting shareholders to attend the two meetings in person. A time announced, no word seems expected on the powertrains. Elon Musk said there was "a lot to say" on the batteries and he clearly plans to expand on the subject.

Roadrunner project to be revealed

This "Battery Day" could be an opportunity to discover the many projects in progress at Tesla, but also the famous batteries designed in-house and called "Project Roadrunner". Elon Musk has never hidden his desire to produce cheaper battery cells on a large scale, sold for around 100 dollars per kWh (around 90 euros). This would allow electric vehicles to see their prices drop to the level of gasoline cars. The best argument for democratizing usage.

And Tesla has the means. The company recently acquired Maxwell, a supercapacitor manufacturer that developed dry cell battery cell technology. This would allow, compiled in the work of Tesla’s research laboratory in Canada, a higher energy density for a lower cost, to use fewer batteries per vehicle while achieving a longer autonomy. The Model S and Model X could be the first to be equipped with it.

- Tesla Prepares "Battery Day" And Big Announcement For September 22 - Frandroid

Tesla Model S Performance

The billionaire recently teased the total autonomy of his vehicles himself "coming soon". Battery Day could be an opportunity to discover other production sites, especially for these future batteries. This could be an opportunity to learn about the location of the European Gigafactory to be built in Berlin.

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