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Tesla cars have yet received an update, this time to incorporate the traffic cones on the onboard screen.

Tesla is multiplying the updates in recent weeks. After deploying the largest firmware in its history and improved the performance of its cars, the manufacturer is changing the interface of the Autopilot. According to Electrek information published on 3 November, it now displays traffic cones.

This allows the owners to gain a little more visibility on the road, knowing that traffic cones represent potential obstacles very common during a trip. According to several photos shared on Twitter, they are shown in their preferred color: a very bright orange.

Tesla now see traffic cones Numerama - Tesla now see traffic cones - Numerama
The Tesla show the traffic cones // Source: Twitter

Show the cones to better avoid them

Thanks to its battery of sensors and its artificial intelligence, which continues to be better, Tesla cars are able to model the environment more accurately. This is an essential point for autonomous driving: to be able to drive alone, a vehicle must be able to see as a human, if not better. On the onboard screen, this is embodied by cars, bicycles, trucks, pedestrians and, now, cones that scroll on the course. The goal is to reassure.

Of course, the more precise detection of the cones will allow the Autopilot to better avoid them. As Tesla says in the release note: " In the event that a traffic cone is detected (on the road) and the Navigate on Autopilot function is active, the car is thought to suggest a lane change (or attempt a lane change if the confirmation is set to 'No' ) to avoid the cones. As always, you are responsible for your car, and are responsible for staying constantly vigilant. "

Tesla has made a lot of changes to its interface this year: this summer, the Autopilot had already received several new features – in the wake of the zoom and the change of angle around the 3D representation of the vehicle.

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