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Tesla now has its own lithium mine Capital.fr - Tesla now has its own lithium mine - Capital.fr
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Tesla is putting all the chances on his side so as not to lose sight of his goals and to achieve them on time. The American automaker aims to mass produce electric cars, and for that it intends to accelerate the production of its batteries, which it wants in the long term widely accessible from a financial point of view. It is with this in mind that the company founded by Elon Musk has just secured the rights to operate a lithium mine located in the western US state of Nevada, reports the agency's website. Bloomberg. The builder has filed a plan to buy a company at the mine site.

Tesla had entered into discussions in recent months with Cypress Development, which has ambitions to extract lithium from clay deposits in southwestern Nevada, but the parties failed to reach an agreement, according to sources familiar with the matter who confided in the American agency. Therefore, Elon Musk suggested that his company would do much better to mine itself to find lithium in the same state. And this, while Tesla has promised to reduce the cost of its electric batteries by 50%.

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However, the task does not promise to be easy. As Bloomberg reminds us, it has always been very expensive and very difficult to produce lithium from clay. Moreover, no company has so far succeeded in extracting sufficient quantities to build a large commercial production. But Tesla intends to catch everyone by surprise: last week, Elon Musk told his investors that his company had ensured the exploitation of more than 4,000 hectares of clayey land rich in lithium in Nevada, and that 'she had developed a "very durable" metal mining technique. This method would notably involve the use of sodium chloride.

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Tesla's ambitions in recent months no longer obscure Elon Musk's desire to fully invest in the electricity market. As the Futura website reported last May, the manufacturer recently developed new software that allows its users and customers to monetize the electrical energy they produce themselves. Objective: to create a unified electricity network.

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