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Elon Musk had hinted last week that he was going to leave the Twitter social media network, which probably leaves him with some bad memories since he had cost him a few million dollars in fines and especially his chair of President Tesla – in order to put an end to the US authorities' investigations into the alleged removal of Tesla's rating from "secured financing".

But the one who remains still general manager of Tesla yielded to the temptation and has just made his comeback, obviously noticed, on the network. He took advantage of it to sneak up on David Einhorn, who had admitted to calling Tesla "loser". In a message to Einhorn, nicknamed 'Mr. Unicorn ', Musk denounces the "many false claims" contained in Greenlight Capital's Q3 2019 Investor Letter, the short-seller's firm. The boss of Tesla sympathizes with the severe losses probably suffered by Greenlight because of the excellent results of the automaker for the third quarter, which caused a logical surge in stock prices. Musk also makes fun of Greenlight's sharp decline in assets under management from $ 15 billion to $ 5 billion. Mischievous, the CEO of Tesla concludes his message by inviting the investor to come to visit him to discuss the group and go around the factories …

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