Despite its status as a manufacturer exclusively dedicated to electrics, Tesla follows a line of conduct similar to that of its counterparts also using thermal power. Namely, the consideration of carrier segments represented in particular by SUVs. To date, the Palo Alto firm's lineup has two elevated vehicles, the Model X and the Model Y , unveiled more recently. In the genes of these X and Y, family claims assumed by a seven-seater version.

The Model X’s younger brother in age, the Model Y is also smaller in size. However, as the holiday season approaches, it is also preparing to receive the same family endowment. In this case, the possibility of carrying seven adult passengers, via an optional third row of seats. The deadline for the arrival of this configuration has just been formalized by Elon Musk himself.

In France in 2021

As he is often used to, the boss of the brand cracked a tweet to deliver two valuable pieces of information:entry into production of the 7-seater version will be effective during the month of November, while the kick off first deliveries to the United States is scheduled for the beginning of the month of December. The third row of seats on the midsize SUV is a $ 3,000 option. This configuration is already available to order across the Atlantic.

On the other hand, French customers will logically have to be more patient. The first deliveries of the Model Y in France are scheduled for the beginning of next year, for the 5-seater version. To benefit from two additional seats, the deadline is not clear. Certainly, the option in question is visible in the configurator, but it is currently not possible to select it. It is simply indicated that this “7-seater cabin” configuration will be available in France in the during the year 2021, at a price of 3,200 euros.

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