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Three readers of Automobile Propre expressed their deep dissatisfaction after the significant drop in prices applied by Tesla on its Model 3. A Facebook collective was created by one of them in order to take action against the manufacturer.

A price that drops by almost 10,000 euros

Like many electric vehicle enthusiasts, we discovered last Wednesday, January 20 the substantial price revision which can translate in some cases into savings of almost 10,000 euros when buying a new Tesla Model 3.

Thus, for example, 6,000 euros less on the part of the manufacturer, positions the SR + version under the bar of 45,000 euros. The government bonus then climbs by 4,000 euros, from 3,000 to 7,000 euros for individuals.

This situation enchants many motorists ready to sign for this model. But it is also a source of misunderstanding and anger in others.

I sincerely pity those who recently received their Model 3 and could not take advantage of the new offer », Entrusted us a reader to whom we will give the floor very soon in another article on the subject.

A Facebook collective to identify the dissatisfied with Tesla

Rémy Cuesta has just created the Tesla – Réclamation collective on Facebook to identify and unite the forces of those dissatisfied with the new offer from the American manufacturer.

This Saturday, January 23, 2021 in the early afternoon, we have 115 members, registered in just 3 days. We will approach a consumer association to obtain advice on the actions we can take », He warns.

The significant drop in Model 3 prices is a real destruction of the Argus rating on used units. In my own case, this operation is equivalent to the loss of my initial contribution. Concretely, if I now resold my Model 3 delivered last September, I would not be able to repay the credit in full. », He laments.

The most efficient Model 3 become the cheapest

If still it was a clearance sale on old models! But no ! These are the most efficient from which we have withdrawn up to 9,800 euros. For those who received their copy a month ago, due to a first drop, the drop is less significant, but it remains in the order of 6,000-7,000 euros », Rémy Cuesta figure.

After driving 2 years in a Hyundai Ioniq, I bought a Model 3 at a high price of 47,650 euros which is now sold for 38,000 euros taking into account the government bonus », He calculates.

Raphaël Jung is just as angry: “ Due to a price too high for me, I settled for a Long Range version while aiming for a Performance model. The lower prices now position the latter at 59,990 euros excluding bonus instead of 67,000 euros, which is what I paid roughly for my car (58,920 euros) “.

svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns= - Tesla Model 3: why the drop in prices is causing a scandal

At Tesla, the drastic drop in the prices of the Model 3 is not only happy

“We ask for a commercial gesture from Tesla”

Like the vast majority of Model 3 owners who feel aggrieved by the new Tesla offer, Rémy Cuesta and Raphaël Jung are not asking for a check for several thousand euros.

We are waiting for a commercial gesture which would not necessarily cost the manufacturer a lot of money, but which would raise the second-hand resale price of our electric cars and eliminate frustration. We are thinking of free or discounted options “, They told us each on their own.

They also remind both that ” at Tesla, we, the customers, sell cars by testing our personal models “.

Rémy Cuesta adds: “ I will fight for myself but also for others. This type of trade policy is tantamount to contempt “.

Tesla’s commercial network shaken up

I contacted the sales representative who followed me for the purchase of my Model 3. She is sorry, but tells me that I was not informed of the operation until Wednesday morning. Anytime you want to raise a complaint, the answer is always the same: ‘Elon Musk wants an affordable electric car for everyone’ », Rémy Cuesta despairs.

For his part, Raphaël Jung is more virulent: “ Do not tell me that the salespeople were not informed in advance. I would have liked mine to alert me, advise me to wait. This is also what I wanted to do, already to have a date of first registration in 2021 on the gray card. But no, instead of that, the TA pushed me to take a model which was delivered to me on December 27th. ‘Take it right away, it’s available,’ he insisted. And 15 days later, drop of 6,000 euros! “.

“I had to sign on my knees to buy my Model 3”

This is no way to treat the customer! It’s heartbreaking! I tried to reach the salesperson by phone, I left messages and sent SMS: no answer! I, who am a regular customer of Audi and Volkswagen, have never seen that Raphaël Jung hisses.

When I buy a car for 60,000 euros, I expect to be well received. There, in Strasbourg, I found myself in a warehouse, without heating, and not even a table to sign. I had to kneel on the floor. Tesla’s art and workmanship does not come close to what is done elsewhere, even among general manufacturers. And not even a gift card holder! », He emphasizes.

Tesla’s business practice is to slaughter by exploiting the technological advancement of the brand. They have to be careful. For my part, I think I will go to the competition if Tesla does nothing He reflects bitterly.

Model 3 deliveries forced into full containment

Jérémie Fabre has a small fleet of electric cars that he operates by offering various services. Thus the rental without driver to discover the regional natural park of the Alpilles, or the support of customers in VTC formulas in a territory which includes Marseille, Avignon, Montpellier and Aix-en-Provence.

His company Transports Energies Avenir – or Téa for close friends – currently has 2 Model 3 Long Range which he intended to get rid of, very unhappy with his regional Tesla branch and these electric cars.

I am disgusted with Tesla Aix-en-Provence’s practices. It started with the delivery of the 2 cars which was imposed on us in full confinement. They tried to reassure us by promising us that the person who would bring the cars to us would be dressed in a coverall and a mask so as not to spread the virus. », He reports.

They finally arrived damaged and scratched last May, on a tow truck, provided by a guy like the cities, limited in shorts. Tesla Aix threatened to attribute them to other people if we did not take them away. What could have been assimilated to theft, according to the gendarmerie that I had contacted at the time, since we had the VIN numbers », He describes.

“20,000 euros loss on occasion on our 2 Tesla Model 3”

We are at 6 or 7e After-sales service. Each time, our requests are treated with contempt. When you have to leave the car, it is not at Tesla, but at a partner garage that gives us a Clio of m…! What do I do with that, I offer high-end and ecological services to my customers? “, Gets carried away Jérémie Fabre.

On the 2 Model 3, the paint is enameled with impacts because of too thin layers, all the bodywork and the leather are going through with the Sun from here. The safe does not close, and the screens do not light up preventing you from using the application. And they come to tell me in a derogatory way that it is because I do not know how to use the material! I still left 120,000 euros with them and am not so ignorant! He almost chokes.

When the drop in prices endangers the lives of taxis and VTCs

At Tesla, they have become the masters of one-shot! This savage drop in prices is only a continuation of it. Before this operation, I had made the decision to part with the two Model 3. I am going back to Mercedes. I just took an EQV, and thought to complete with Class E and Class S “, Explains Jérémie Fabre.

But with this drop, my cars are each losing 10,000 euros on the second-hand market. So it’s 20,000 euros on which I risk having to sit down, while I have gone on for several months with zero turnover because of the Covid-19. In our profession, we do not benefit from aids like those offered to hotels and restaurants », He puts forward.

Suddenly I risk being obliged to keep these 2 cars which do not satisfy me. The Tesla operation is causing me cascading problems. So with insurance, at the level of the value of vehicles for the calculation of the price that I have already paid, and in the event of a claim », He concludes, very reassured.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Rémy Cuesta, Raphaël Jung and Jérémie Fabre who immediately responded to our request.