Tesla Model 3: the videos recorded by the cameras are now stored in the glove box

Tesla is making changes to the Model 3s that will be produced in the course of next year. From now on, the glove box will make it possible to protect the videos recorded by the external cameras when the Sentinel mode is activated. To access videos stored on a USB key or hard drive, you will need to enter a security code.

Tesla Model 3 the videos recorded by the cameras are - Tesla Model 3: the videos recorded by the cameras are now stored in the glove box

Tesla is currently working on an updated version of Model 3, report our colleagues from Electrek. Elon Musk's firm will make several minor changes to the design of the electric car. Among the expected novelties, there are new materials for the dashboard and some parts of the cabin.

Above all, the automaker adds a USB port in the glove box of the electric car. Through this additional USB port, users can locally save videos captured by outdoor cameras. When “Sentry” mode is activated, exterior cameras record everything that is happening in the surroundings while the car is parked. Obviously, the option is intended to deter car thieves and vandals from approaching.

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Why Tesla is adding a USB port inside the glove box?

Until now, Tesla Model 3 owners could record Sentinel Mode footage by sliding a USB stick or hard drive into a port located on the dashboard. This port is visible from outside the vehicle. As Electrek points out, criminals could therefore seize the key or the hard drive in order to prevent the recordings from falling into the hands of the police. The videos recorded by the Tesla have already enabled the police to apprehend delinquents.

Instead, using the USB port placed in the glove side, users secure videos recorded by Sentinel mode. Since a software update, it is now possible to completely lock the compartment using a PIN code. To grab the USB key that stores the videos, you must provide the code. What do you think of this novelty? We await your opinion in the comments.

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