As a reminder, a white Tesla Model 3 SR + without options was still invoiced by Tesla 49,600 euros in mid-January. The government bonus is only 3,000 euros for the purchase of an electric vehicle between 45,000 and 60,000 euros. Hence a final purchase price of 46,600 euros.

A few days later, the small American electric sedan benefited from a price reduction, now bringing the basic finish on the Tesla Model 3 to 43,800 euros. A price which therefore makes it possible to benefit from the maximum bonus of 7,000 euros, and to lower the entrance fee to 36,800 euros once the bonus has been deducted.

Between the 43,800 euros before deduction of the bonus, and the ceiling of 45,000 euros to be able to claim full government assistance at 7,000 euros, there is a difference of 1,200 euros. A sum then sufficient to add the coupling option offered at 1,050 euros by Tesla.

The problem today is that this equipment is now billed at 1,350 euros. And there, it does not pass any more. The basic Model 3 SR +, with this accessory, climbs to 45,150 euros. Which makes him lose 4,000 euros in bonus.

Author’s opinion

Why hasn’t Tesla made sure to moderate the price of the hitch, allowing for the maximum bonus? Less than 1,200 euros, it was okay.

As a reminder, many Model 3 buyers have chosen this model for its ability to tow a trailer or a small caravan. And this, taking advantage of the absence of competition at this level.

If you abuse it a little, you could almost say that the price of the hitch has just soared from 1,050 to 5,350 euros. Which makes some people think this way: “What if it was voluntary, to dissuade taking the hitch option?” “