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To say that the Tesla Model 3 has dominated the electric car sales rankings this year is an understatement. The Californian electric vehicle has 247,000 registrations worldwide, far ahead of all other models in its category. These statistics take into account the registrations of the first eleven months of 2019. Obviously, we will have to wait for the December figures to confirm the honorary title of "best-selling electric car of the year", but a trend reversal seems more than unlikely.

China resists Model 3

Indeed, whether in Europe or the United States, the Model 3 is largely at the top of sales. On the other side of the Atlantic, it totaled more than 133,000 sales, far ahead of another other Tesla, the Model X (17,700 registrations). In Europe, the domination of the Californian is certainly less clear but just as incontestable. The Model 3 (73,000 sales) is ahead of the Renault Zoé (around 43,000 registrations). China is ultimately a separate market, on the one hand because it sells unknown models in our countries but also because Tesla has trouble establishing itself there. With just over 24,000 sales, the Model 3 is only the 11th best-selling electric vehicle on the market. The leaders on this side of the globe are called BAIC, BYD and SAIC and post sales figures that would make everyone drool including some models of thermal vehicles. With nearly 90,000 registrations, the BAIC EU-Series is at the top of the ranking.

The Chinese specificity may not last in 2020. Indeed, after ten months of construction, the Gigafactory in Shanghai finally came into action by symbolically producing ten Model 3 on December 30. These cars assembled in China, destined for the local market, could allow Tesla to strengthen its positions in this key market for the electric car.

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