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Four readers of Automobile Propre agreed to express their satisfaction after the significant drop in prices applied by Tesla on its Model 3. Two of them had however placed their order at the beginning of last fall.

Up to 10,000 euros less on a Tesla Model 3

Thanks to the new price list on the Tesla Model 3, it is also possible to benefit in some cases from a better portion of the government bonus. In the end, the economy can border on 10,000 euros, and sometimes more by being less greedy on the options.

Let us take the example of the SR + version: the 6,000 euros less on its price since Wednesday, January 20, 2021 places it under the bar of 45,000 euros in its basic presentation. The bonus then goes from 3,000 to 7,000 euros. If this price drop on the Model 3 caused the discontent of those who received their copy a few weeks or months before, others will take advantage of it with great pleasure and recognition for the brand.

It is also possible to take advantage of the new offer by choosing a superior model which was previously inaccessible financially.

A drop that precipitates the purchase of Tesla Model 3

In a previous interview, Julien Clarisse told us in June 2019 that he would switch from a Nissan Leaf to a Tesla Model 3 for his 40th birthday, at the end of May 2021. The project had however evolved since then.

As our family grew, we thought we would acquire a used Model X with 7 seats. Great wheeler for my work, in order to take advantage of the maximum conversion bonus of 5,000 euros, I also had to find a copy sold for less than 60,000 euros. I had not found one until then », He tells us.

However, the fall in prices for the Model 3 made us modify our project again. We resell the Nissan Leaf, but keep the Renault Scenic. It is an old Toyota Rav 4 diesel from 2004, bought 14 months ago with more than 250,000 km, which will allow us to receive the conversion premium. », He hopes.

A new Tesla Model 3 at 32,870 euros

If we had stayed in the idea of ​​buying a used Tesla Model X, we should have taken a significant credit, especially since we kept in this case the Nissan Leaf 2.0 purchased in 2018. Although I am disappointed by the Argus rating of less than 20,000 euros for a car sold 40,000 euros less than 3 years ago, the Model 3 should not make us pay more than 15,000 euros in the end », Rejoices Julien Clarisse.

The white SR + that we chose with the only option of a towing hook was offered to me at 44,870 euros. It thus benefited from the maximum bonus of 7,000 euros, lowering its price to 37,870 euros. With the conversion bonus, it drops to 32,870 euros », He calculates.

Everyone around me pushed me to click to reserve my copy by telling me: ‘Buy now, don’t ask yourself a question, you don’t realize the savings you are going to make’ », He testifies.

8 hours of reflection to buy the Model 3

I learned of the drop in prices at 11 a.m. on Wednesday January 20. At 12 noon I called Tesla Nantes to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. The salesman told me that he had been expecting a drop for a few days, but not of this magnitude. He assured me that I was indeed eligible for the conversion bonus and that he would take care of making the request with the government bonus », Reports Julien Clarisse.

At 8:00 p.m., I placed the order from my smartphone on the site. Having been among the first to react to the new offer, I should receive my car in February or March, shipped to Europe from the United States by the Glovis Captain », He already dreams.

At Nathalie Fleury, the decision was also taken to order a Tesla Model 3, the first electric car in the household, earlier than expected. ” Before reserving our copy, we want to make sure our current 2018 Toyota Camry is resold. We were thinking of changing it in 2022 or 2023 against the Model 3. But since our oldest son read your article on the price drop, there is no more question at home than to rush the project », She explains.

A colleague of my husband recently made us try his copy and we were all won over by the car but also by the charging network. », She specifies.

The cheaper Model 3, even ordered several months ago

Olivier Le Roux and Florent François each ordered their Model 3 in October 2020. Their respective TA (Tesla Advisor = commercial advisor) told them very good news: All those who ordered an unassigned Model 3 on January 20, 2021 will benefit from lower prices.

Before knowing it, I had hesitated to cancel my order and place a new one in order to take advantage of the operation. Losing 100 euros to earn 10,000 was interesting. So it won’t be worth it », Appreciates Florent François.

Already the owner of a used Renault Zoé 4 years ago, his home will become ” Full EV »By keeping it, but by getting rid of a Renault Scenic.

Having abandoned the idea of ​​acquiring a Kia e-Niro to take advantage of the Tesla charging network, I chose a white SR + with a towing hook that allows you to benefit from the maximum bonus of 7,000 euros », He summarizes.

For his Tesla Model 3, the price drops from 50,670 to 37,870 euros

Florent François still cannot believe it: “ Barely escaping the small price increase last fall, my Tesla Model 3 cost 50,670 euros, before the bonus of 3,000 euros was applied. In one morning, I won 10,000 euros “.

His assessment of the manufacturer’s network is categorical: “ They are really strong at Tesla: I called my advisor at 10 am, and my order form was already amended before 2 pm, despite the many phone calls they received. ‘We’re going to have plenty of work, but we’re happy for our clients,’ he told me. “.

Olivier Le Roux was also very well received: “ They are very cool at Tesla. I had ordered a white SR + with a tow bar and white interior. In order to be eligible for the bonus of 7,000 euros, my Tesla advisor allowed me to remove the option on the color of the upholstery. I earn around 11,000 euros He smiles.

The strong point of the Model 3: The Tesla charging network

At Olivier Le Roux, the Model 3 will be the household’s first electric car. ” Benefiting from all the school holidays, I go regularly to the South of France from Paris. I chose Tesla to be able to drive in peace thanks to the superchargers. If this network were not as efficient, perhaps I would have taken advantage of the drop to switch to a Long Range model with a range of over 150 km », He explains.

It was a combination of circumstances that allowed me to receive the good news very early on from my Tesla advisor on January 20. I had left him a message the day before to obtain an approximate delivery date for my electric car. », He recalls.

I sincerely pity those who recently received their Model 3 and could not take advantage of the new offer », He concludes.

Automobile Propre and I warmly thank Julien Clarisse, Nathalie Fleury, Olivier Le Roux and Florent François for responding immediately to our requests.