Tesla Model 3: its new, smaller front trunk would hide some good news – Futura

Several new buyers of You're here having taken possession of their Model 3 very recently have noticed a change in the design of the front trunk. Indeed, it turns out a little smaller than on the previous version of the electric sedan launched three years ago, as evidenced by the photos published on the forum. DriveTeslaCanada. In reality, this "new" trunk before the Model 3 is the same as that of Model Y, both cars sharing the same chassis and powertrain platform.

And as we quickly noticed the sites which took this information, one of the notable differences between the two models is the presence of a heat pump on the Model Y. The advantage of this equipment is that it significantly improves theautonomy of electric cars in cold weather. Indeed, instead of using the batteries to heat the passenger compartment, the heat pump will do this work by capturing heat from other parts of the car. Result, the system does not come to siphon theenergy drums.

To integrate this equipment into the Model Y, You're here slightly reduced the front trunk capacity. By taking this design on the last Model 3, Is Tesla preparing the arrival of a heat pump option and at the same time improved autonomy? The hypothesis seems valid but, for the moment, the manufacturer has not mentioned this development. To be continued …

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