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Tesla is preparing to refresh the interior of the Model 3. Be careful, no revolutionary changes on the horizon, but only a few tweaks to bring the interior of the sedan up to date.

Tesla Model 3 here is its new interior design more - Tesla Model 3: here is its new interior design, more classy and more comfortable - tech2
Credit: Tesla

While we have just learned that the videos recorded by the cameras are now stored in the glove box of the Tesla Model 3, our colleagues from the Electrek site have news about the flagship sedan of the Californian manufacturer. According to their information, the interior of the Tesla Model 3 will experience a little refresh. Journalists were able to obtain photos of the redesigned interior.

Firstly, future buyers of Tesla Model 3 will therefore be able to benefit from a new upholstery, in darker tones. The center console also received a facelift welcome. Say goodbye to shiny black, and make way for a matte finish. The storage space just above the two cup holders is now surrounded by a chrome frame. That's not all since this storage space would no longer be equipped with a flap opening, but with a sliding door for more convenience.

The Model 3 2.0 incorporates an electric box and double glazing

The location dedicated to recharging the smartphone has been reworked and would now be surrounded by faux leather and a material resembling suede. Let's leave the cabin for a few moments to take a look at the trunk. Following numerous complaints from disabled drivers and people with reduced mobility, Tesla has decided to integrate an electric opening for the trunk at the rear. Something to make life easier for users.

We then note in the other additions mentioned by Electrek installing new double-glazed glass for the windows of the electric sedan. This would further preserve heat in the passenger compartment and provide better sound insulation. Electrek goes on to say that these revamped Tesla Model 3s are currently in production at the Fremont Gigafactory and that their marketing is imminent.

Finally and always according to Electrek, these new Tesla Model 3 should also include a heat pump. Indeed, the sedan could benefit from the Octovalve / heat pump combo used on the Model Y. This equipment allows to gain a few tens of kilometers of autonomy, especially in cold weather.

Source: Electrek

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