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The owner of a Tesla Model 3 has made a bad manipulation on his smartphone which could cost him dearly. Unintentionally, the driver ordered an update to the Aupilot billed at $ 4000.

Tesla Model 3 he accidentally buys an option at - Tesla Model 3: he accidentally buys an option at $ 4,000, he can't get his refund - PhonAndroid
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We have all made or received a pocket call at least once in our life. This can happen, the smartphone remains unlocked in our pants, a few unfortunate movements… You know the principle. On the other hand, we rarely hear stories about “pocket shopping”. Yet this is what happened to Dr Ali Vaziri, owner of a Tesla Model 3.

Indeed, according to his words, the man unwittingly ordered for an option billed at $ 4,280. This update is dedicated to Autopilot. Baptized “Autopilot Enhanced ”, it provides additional functions for autonomous driving, such as lane change and automatic parking, or the ability to call the vehicle to its position.

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False manipulation billed $ 4,280

According to Dr Vaziri, he has never ordered said option and ensures that the purchase is accidental, as he explains to our colleagues at CNBC: “My smartphone was in my jeans. I took it out, put it on this charger that came with your Tesla and that's it. A minute later, I got the message. I have never bought anything with the Tesla app before! ”, he recounts.

When the driver contacted Tesla, the Californian manufacturer invited him to request a refund via the button in the application. A section visibly untraceable according to him. In addition, it also claims to find no link on the official Tesla website to process a refund request and / or order cancellation.

After doing some research on our side, the manufacturer's site does not have a section dedicated to canceling orders for options. On the other hand, you can go to your Tesla account, then click on the “Manage” tab. Then, you must select “Send a request” and specify its nature. It's a safe bet that it is from this tab that Dr Vaziry will be able to request compensation for his error.. Failing to find a way to trigger the procedure, the clumsy driver preferred to ask his bank to oppose Tesla's direct debit.

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