Tesla Model 3 crash at Pikes Peak (video)

Against all expectations, the heavily damaged Tesla Model 3 at the Pikes Peak tests will be repaired in time!

A few hours ago, we told you about this Tesla Model 3 Performance engaged on the rise of Pikes Peak. Prepared by the Unplugged Performance team and driven by Randy Probst, the machine aimed to break the electric car record on the famous American hill climb.

Unfortunately, the car suffered a violent run off the track during practice on Thursday. We thought then that the car would not be repairable in time for the big climb on Sunday, but that was without counting on the hard work of the team: in 48 hours, the car was fully repaired. She will therefore be able to measure herself against the clock during the official climb, which will take place in a few hours in Colorado.

Video of the accident

Below is a more precise video of the incident. We first see the exit from the track in a new series of photos, then a video of the car shot just after.

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