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Tesla puts very strong emphasis on the safety of its passengers and how to do better to escape unscathed from an accident than to avoid the accident? The emergency automatic braking is still illustrated in video.

Waiting for the day all cars will drive independently and communicate with each other to avoid accidents, it will be enough to be attentive to the wheel. Sometimes a boost of technology is welcome.

tesla model 3 freinage - Tesla: Model 3 brakes hard, very strong to escape the accident - Tom's Guide

The emergency braking of his Tesla Model 3 avoids an accident

Filmed by the onboard camera, the TeslaCam, a vehicle comes nonchalantly cut 2 lanes of traffic to turn left. Yet despite all his efforts, he is still on a path that can not turn. Never mind, he comes to place his car on the pedestrian crossing, blocking then a whole line whose fire is green. An attitude as we often see on the road and who often results in an accident sometimes tragic.

In that case, more fear than harm thanks to the emergency braking system available to the Model 3 of our lucky day. Tom T. Walker says that when the white Toyota Corolla arrived on his line, his Tesla began to pound, driving at that time to 70 km / h. He explains in the video that if the braking seems soft on the video, he was not in reality. We can also see it in other videos of the same type.

Tesla have the reputation of being extremely safe. The Model 3, S and X occupy the top 3 positions of cars with the lowest risk of injury in case of an accident, according to the US Agency for Road Safety. They all have 5 stars in the Euro NCAP and US NCAP tests. Most importantly, thanks to crash prevention systems, they have even been excluded from the list of safest cars, having not had enough accidents to be statistically conclusive.

Source: InsideEVs

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