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The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range has just received an update of its firmware which increases its loading speed by almost 50%. With a Supercharger v3, the most economical vehicle in the Tesla range is fully charged in about 20 minutes.

tesla model 3 standard range firmware chargement - Tesla Model 3: an update can load it almost twice as fast - Tom's Guide

A firmware update improves Tesla vehicles again. The latest one offered a power gain of 5% on all Tesla, this one concerns the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range which can now be recharged to a power of 170 kW. An increase of almost 50% compared to the last update that had already raised the power to 120 kW instead of 100 kW.

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Only 20 minutes to recharge a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range

The gain is considerable for the most economical model of the brand. The vehicle already has a range of 20 to 40% greater than its competitors, and with an even faster load, it can now make long journeys with more comfort and more simply.

The update also reduces the difference between the different versions of the Model 3. They are all compatible with the latest Supercharger v3 reloading system which offers 250 kW of power. However, only the Performance and Long Range AWD models accept a power of 250 kW, while the Standard Range model is limited to 100 kW. On the other hand, the power boost also allows Tesla to make its Supercharger network more efficient: a shorter load time can accommodate more vehicles.

On reddit, u / toddzman compares the reload performance of its Tesla Model 3 Standard Range over an hour. With 100 kW, it already gets 750 km of autonomy. A quick calculation gives 1100 km to 150 kW on a Supercharger v2 and nearly 1250 km on a Supercharger v3 to 170 kW. For now, the most economical Model 3 has a range of 400 km, so we can now load it About 20 minutes to 170 kW. We look forward to seeing what builders will be able to offer in the coming years, especially with the arrival of lithium-metal batteries that will offer 30% additional autonomy.

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