svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns= - Tesla kicks off production of Model Y with new chassis structure

As announced on Battery Day in September 2020, the Tesla Model Y has a one-piece rear structure. This includes the wheel arches, and the chassis around the rear axle and up to the battery pack.

Unlike the rear portion of the Model 3, the rear of the Model Y chassis is made from a single large molded part to facilitate model building. Elon Musk had already established his desire to use this process for other parts on different models, but Tesla goes further with the Model Y. This concept is taken to another level since this casting reduces about 70 parts in one. one piece, to make a single large block of aluminum under the trunk at the rear.

The brand had already shown images of this large room and had announced the installation of the machines necessary for its manufacture from September 2020. However, Tesla had been forced to install these machines outside the factory, in a small building installed especially for it, because their size was not adapted to the infrastructure.

A Twitter user who took delivery of his Tesla Model Y at the end of December confirmed with a photo that his vehicle was designed around this molded part, which he was able to see by removing the rear trim of his vehicle for the installation of an accessory. This new assembly of the Model Y is designed to reduce production costs, but above all to accommodate in an optimized way the battery packs equipped with the 4680 cell, the future standard of the brand.