The design of the front trunk of the new Tesla Model 3 presents a change. The front trunk is smaller than that of the previous version, as noted by participants in the DriveTeslaCanada forum. The electric sedan was launched three years ago and the new trunk is actually the same as the Model Y's, the Futura-sciences website Smartmotion says. The two cars actually share the same chassis platform and the same powertrain, the site added.

However, the Model Y has a heat pump: this is one of its notable differences from the Model 3. This equipment improves the range of electric cars in cold weather, an important point for a country. like Canada, where winters can be very harsh. The heat pump will heat the passenger compartment instead of using the batteries. It actually captures the heat from other parts of the car, Smartmotion explains. The battery energy of the Tesla Model Y is therefore conserved.

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A heat pump also for the Model 3?

As the heat pump takes up more space, the front trunk of the Model Y has been reduced. As the design of the new Model 3s is the same, speculation is rife: Tesla may be planning to launch a heat pump option for this model. Rather good news for the owners of the model, even if the manufacturer has not yet officially spoken about this development.