Despite the global crisis caused by the new coronavirus, Tesla claims very good results in 2020 with a turnover up 28% and a net profit of 721 million dollars. Elon Musk is happy, analysts less.

This is a first for Tesla. The US electric car maker is finally profitable for a full year. It thus posted a net income of 721 million dollars for a turnover of 31.5 billion dollars, up 28% compared to 2019.

In the last quarter, the firm of Elon Musk published a turnover of 10.744 billion dollars (+ 46% year on year) and liquidity reaching 1.868 billion greenbacks, a nice treasure total war value of $ 19.384 billion.

Yes, but these fourth quarter results did not satisfy Wall Street, grateful that earnings per share were only $ 0.80 compared to the expected $ 1.01. A classic financial consequence, Tesla shares fell 4% after the publication of the quarterly balance sheet on Wednesday evening – remember that over the whole of 2020, Tesla shares rose 650%.

However, this does not seem to upset the manufacturer who is satisfied to have, “Despite global challenges, surpassed many trends observed elsewhere in the industry”. Tesla bases its self-satisfaction on the account of a “Increased volumes and profitability”, as well as the generation of cash. The Californian manufacturer can also thank the other automobile companies which bought carbon credits or rights to pollute for a total amount of 2.24 billion dollars, or a fifth of its turnover.

A production of one million vehicles in 2022?

Although Tesla has not said anything about its vehicle production in 2021, analysts have done so. This is the case of Dan Ives, analyst at Wedbush. Asked by our colleagues from Business Insider, he declares : “It’s important to note that all eyes will be on the company’s delivery unit forecast for 2021, with a trajectory of around 750,000 to 800,000. And we think the million mark could be achieved by 2022 ”. What tease the pride of Elon Musk who adores this kind of challenge – his employees less …

Still, Tesla intends to increase its sales by more than 50% in 2021 thanks to its Model Y, but also the “new” Model S and X restyled, including an overpowered version called Plaid / Plaid +.

Tesla will also be able to count on the Semi, the famous electric heavyweight unveiled in 2017, which will be produced in the future Gigafactory in Austin (Texas), under construction.

Finally, the entry into service of the Gigafactory in Berlin, work on which is progressing rapidly, and the rise of Shanghai should also contribute to this growth.

On the other hand, bad news for the Roadster whose production has been postponed to 2022. Elon Musk considers that this was not the priority, unlike the Cybertruck whose deliveries may be delayed at the beginning of 2022, or even the second. trimester. “If we are lucky we can make some deliveries towards the end [2021] but I expect volume productions to start in 2022 ”, Tesla CEO said when releasing financial results.

This delay is believed to be due to the fact that the Cybertruck, by design, requires new manufacturing methods, including an 8,000 t press for the rear body. For comparison, the Model Y is made using a 6,000 ton baler. Like the Semi, the Cybertruck will be manufactured in the Austin Gigafactory. Elon Musk therefore has his work cut out for him… necessarily electric.