Tesla Full Self Driving the first testers give their impressions - Tesla Full Self-Driving: the first testers give their impressions

As announced by Elon Musk, the first iterations of the autonomous driving system have just seen the light of day. Some Tesla owners deliver the first images.

For many weeks now, the boss of Tesla has announced the arrival of an autonomous driving system in the brand's cars. As usual, a handful of owners (beta-testers), had the privilege of taking charge of the device before an official deployment.

A pioneer in the field of electric cars, Tesla now wants to officially lay the first stones in autonomous driving. Already clad with sensors and cameras for the autopilot system, the Tesla are ready to receive the latest version of internal software, offering fully autonomous driving.

Under authorization and under the supervision of the NHTSA, the American road safety body, Tesla made the first versions of the system available to a handful of handpicked drivers: only the most careful drivers could be selected by the constructor.

An additional price of 2,000 dollars for the autonomous driving system

While many competitors, manufacturers or technology companies, are indignant about Elon Musk's methods (the responsibility for open road tests should not be entrusted to customers of the brand according to them), the testers delivered the first images of the autonomous driving system, which faithfully projects the surroundings of the car. The whole thing is still a little rough, but the basics are there.

Remember that the system will be available in the coming weeks after this trial period. Elon Musk has previously announced on twitter that the equipment will be available as an option and will require an additional $ 2,000 extension.