New step for the autonomous car? October 21, Tesla released beta of its FSD update (for "full self-driving" or "complete autonomy"). This improvement of the Autopilot software allows American cars to drive alone on small roads or in town, and no longer only on freeways or expressways. Only a few "safe" customers have been chosen by the brand to test this advanced mode, which is not not yet available to the general public. Drivers should keep their hands on the wheel and be extra vigilant. Because, as Tesla indicates, the vehicle: "can do the wrong thing at the wrong time".

Several users (who are also pro-Tesla influencers) posted videos showing their car running in FSD mode. When activated, the digital instrument cluster takes on new graphics: vehicles and obstacles are framed, along with traffic signs. This visually represents the observations of the software.

Below is a small collection of videos showing the vehicle in action.

@ brandonee916: "(The car) is very careful at a roundabout… I shouldn't have intervened until the process is complete. Not bad for a first try. Go the FSD BETA! "

@TeslaownersSV: “Wow. Here is a right turn and the car has passed the traffic light safely. It’s amazing and it’s amazing. Oh, you, Elon Musk, you created a solution for every day and you achieved complete autonomy. "

Beyond declarations of admiration for Elon Musk, these videos demonstrate the progress made by the brand on its autonomous driving system. Until now, urban speeds have been a problem for the brand's engineers. Autopilot was reserved for highways. Another system was used for parking assistance and low-speed maneuvering.

Tesla has not indicated how long this testing phase will last. But as Elon Musk posted on Twitter, "The set-up will be extremely slow and cautious, as it should be."

Photo from one: screenshot from Tesla Raj's Youtube video

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