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Tesla has just updated its vehicles with the 2020.40 update. It doesn't add anything that fundamentally changes the experience, but adds two neat little novelties, one of which concerns the glove box. It also fixes a number of minor bugs.

Tesla even the glove boxes are updated PhonAndroid - Tesla: even the glove boxes are updated! - PhonAndroid
The Tesla Model 3

The future is to update your car like you update your phone. Tesla has just rolled out the 2020.40 update to its vehicles, which isn't the first time. It brings two nice novelties for the owners. These reside in the management of Bluetooth as well as in the glove box safety.

The first novelty therefore concerns Bluetooth, and more particularly the terminal having priority during connection. On your vehicle's screen, it is therefore possible to press the Bluetooth icon and select which smartphone should connect first. One way to avoid any conflict between two terminals present. The one selected will therefore have full priority. No more arguments over which playlist to put on a road trip. The other terminals will of course be able to connect if the priority is not available.

Lock your glove box to prevent theft

The other innovation concerns the glove box. This is where valuables can sometimes be stored and is very popular with thieves. Elon Musk’s firm thus adds additional protection on this point. It is now possible to completely lock the compartment using a PIN code.

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So when you try to open it, a code will be requested on the main screen. A feature already present on the car. Indeed, the user can fully lock the start of his Tesla with a PIN code, in case he loses or has his keys stolen. These are the two major novelties of this update, which does not drastically change the way a Tesla works. It should be noted that the manufacturer also takes the opportunity to correct a whole bunch of minor bugs without specifying which ones. This update is currently being rolled out to Tesla vehicles around the world on a phased basis. It should arrive on all vehicles in several weeks.

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