Tesla: Elon Musk Unveils Cybertruck Electric Pickup November 21 – Futura-Sciences

Only a few more days before finally discovering the project of electric pickup that Elon Musk has been thinking about for years and that he is "dying" to launch. The boss of You're here announced yesterday via Twitter that it will unveil this new model, called "Cybertruck", November 21 in Los Angeles (California), close to the factory SpaceX. Never stingy in more or less cryptic references and allusions, Musk has highlighted that the month and place of the presentation corresponded to those we see in the opening credits of the film Blade Runner from Ridley Scott. An allusion to the resolutely futuristic side of his new vehicle that intends to shake the codes of the category.

But what do we know about the Cybertruck? Nothing very concrete outside the promises of Elon Musk which we know sometimes exceed the reality. In this case, he announced that his pickup will offer more features than the Ford F-150, the reference in this category, and will be more sporty than Porsche 911 thanks to a " crazy ". The Cybertruck will be equipped with an all-wheel drive moult by two electric motors and possibly four-wheel steering. Integrated power outlets will power 240 V tooling for a full day without the need for generator.

Reacting to a user's request for a system to facilitate the unloading of the rear deck, Musk responded by referring to a sort of motorized tailgate mounted on four arms that would drop his cargo on the ground or close to the ground.

See you on November 21st to find out if all these promises will be kept.

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