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Tesla will soon offer 100% autonomous driving on its electric cars. First available to users who are members of the beta program, this new version of Autopilot does not require any intervention on the part of the driver.

Tesla Autopilot remains particularly efficient according to manufacturer data - Tesla: Elon Musk promises 100% autonomous driving in a few weeks - PhonAndroid
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Currently, cars designed by Tesla are not yet fully autonomous. On its site, the automobile company asks users who use the Autopilot to get around keep your eyes on the road whatever happens. “Autopilot allows your car to move forward, accelerate and brake automatically, but current Autopilot functionality requires active driver supervision and does not make the vehicle autonomous” Tesla cautions.

Still, many drivers are reckless. Recently, a Tesla Model S with Autopilot crashed into a police car because the driver was quietly watching a movie. The various facts of this ilk are legion.

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The deployment of the 100% autonomous Autopilot in beta is imminent

Nevertheless, the truly automatic pilot is well in the boxes of the firm. After several months behind its initial schedule, Elon Musk has just announced the arrival of a 100% autonomous version of Autopilot on his Twitter account. A few months ago, the CEO had already promised to deploy autonomous driving in November. Musk therefore only confirms the option's deployment schedule.

“The latest firmware version (Editor's note: Autopilot) does not require any intervention from the driver. It will be deployed in beta within a few weeks ” advance Elon Musk, used to making his announcements on Twitter. A few weeks earlier, Elon Musk claimed to already test on his personal car an alpha version of Autopilot. “JI can go from home to work without any intervention, despite very varied jobs and situations ” argued the CEO of Tesla.

At first, the update will be reserved cars registered for the Autopilot Early Access beta test in the USA. For now, it is not yet clear when the Autopilot will be deployed in final version on the brand's electric cars. We tell you more about the subject as soon as possible.

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