Tesla drops the price of its Model Y, now to less than $ 50,000


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Tesla drops the price of its Model Y now to - Tesla drops the price of its Model Y, now to less than $ 50,000

Tesla drops the price of its Model Y by $ 3,000.

Tesla size in price. The American giant of high-end electric vehicles founded by the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk has thus reduced the sale price of its SUV, the Model Y, by 3,000 dollars. Its base price is therefore just below the $ 50,000 mark. In the second quarter of 2020, Tesla delivered approximately 90,650 vehicles in total. A better than expected performance and all the more remarkable that it is achieved during a quarter marked by the Covid-19 crisis. The American manufacturer said that production has now returned to normal.

Despite a number of sales still far removed from the global auto giants, Tesla's CEO recently rose to the top 10 of the world's great fortunes, against a backdrop of soaring manufacturer stock prices, according to the Bloomberg Index . With a fortune estimated at $ 70.5 billion as of July 11, the businessman notably exceeded Warren Buffet, who lost part of his fortune after donations to charities, or Larryn Brin (co- founder of Alphabet) and is the seventh richest person in the world. Bloomberg says Elon Musk’s fortune has soared more than $ 6 billion in recent days thanks to an 11% coupon on Tesla stock.

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