Tesla does not pay its bill, water is cut off at its factory in Berlin – BFMTV

This suspension comes when the American manufacturer is working hard to build its future site in Grünheide in the Brandenburg region.

In Germany, we do not joke about payment terms. The American manufacturer of electric cars Tesla has paid the price by being deprived of water on the construction site of its first European plant, near Berlin, for failing to pay its bill, said the local distributor on Thursday.

The water company serving the Strausberg-Erkner (east) area has cut off access to water for its prestigious customer because Tesla "has not paid its bills," said spokeswoman for the dealership, Sandra Ponesky, to AFP.

The American group was revived several times and the threat was executed after the legal deadline of 14 days.

A customer like any other

"Tesla is not treated differently from other" customers, added the same source, confirming information published on the site of the regional daily "Märkische Oderzeitung". Tesla did not respond to an AFP solicitation.

This suspension comes at a time when the American manufacturer is working hard to build its future site at Grünheide in the Brandenburg region, bordering Berlin, from which batteries, engines and vehicles will have to be released for the European market.

On Wednesday, the subsidiary of the Tesla Manufacturing Brandenburg SE group had signed the contract to supply water for the operating needs of the future plant.

Tesla is currently deprived of the water reaching him through a temporary pipe and which he needs to continue this work.

Elon Musk's company aims to open its factory in 2021, but the approval of the environmental file for the project by the regional state of Brandenburg is still pending. Tesla is nevertheless continuing the work on the basis of preliminary permits for certain construction stages.

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