Tesla delivers its first Model 3 “Made in China” – Clean Automotive

Tesla delivers its first Model 3 “Made in China” - Tesla delivers its first Model 3 “Made in China” - Clean Automotive

Less than a year after laying the foundation stone, Tesla delivered this Monday, December 30, the first vehicles out of production lines of the gigafactory 3, in Shanghai. A speed record! And good news for Elon Musk: 2 days before the close of annual sales, the value of the Tesla share reached a historic maximum.

For several weeks, images taken by drones have shown the Model 3 come out at a sustained rate from the lines of the Chinese gigafactory. The parking lots next to the factory were filling up visibly. Loaded onto carriers, hundreds of cars were likely taken to distribution centers in the interior of this vast country.
But pending the sale authorization issued by the administration, no Model 3 "Made in China" could yet be delivered.

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A few days ago, the Shanghai-made Tesla appeared in the official list of electric vehicles eligible for government assistance. Suddenly the green light from the Chinese authorities was given, which allowed the Californian manufacturer to organize today, just before the end of the year, a ceremony for the handing over of some Model 3 to employees of the firm. Carried out less than a year (exactly 357 days) after the first pick on the site, these first deliveries are a record, not to say a real feat. Indeed, it seems that no car manufacturer has ever succeeded in building a factory of this size, starting production and delivering the first copies in such a short time.

For Elon Musk’s business, this is an important step, since the production capacities of its vehicles are almost doubled. The construction and commissioning in record time of this 3e gigafactory will also be used, greatly, for the preparation of the site of the 4e, already planned in Berlin. Tesla is therefore not about to give up its place as the world's leading manufacturer of electric cars, which was delighted not long ago by … Byd.

Some photos of the event have been posted on social media. "Today we are celebrating a happy event, Model 3s have been delivered to our charming employees to thank them for the hard work accomplished over the past year. It is thanks to their efforts that Tesla has progressed! They commented (in Chinese).
The celebration was particularly moving for two employees who not only received their vehicle but also got married!

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Record deliveries in the 4th quarter?

Only about fifteen vehicles were delivered during the ceremony, but there is no doubt that, in the process, others will be handed over to their owners in the various distribution centers across the country. There are only a few hours left before the end of the year and the closing of sales figures, but it is certain that Tesla will take the opportunity to deliver a maximum of Chinese Model 3 before midnight on December 31.
As at the end of each quarter, Elon Musk urged his "troops", repeating that the sale and delivery of as many vehicles as possible in stock was priority number 1.

For analysts, quarterly and annual sales figures are important indicators that influence Tesla stock prices. At 3e quarterly, the symbolic mark of 100,000 cars sold had been narrowly missed, but most discerning observers believe the target should be reached this time around. Despite the short time remaining, some specialists estimate that a good thousand Model 3 "made in China" could still be delivered today and tomorrow, before the accounts are closed. This is relatively small compared to total sales, but for analysts, this figure will be an indicator of the performance of the network set up by Tesla in China.

The outlook is bright for Elon Musk, as the stock price (TSLA) has skyrocketed in recent weeks to settle in recent days around 430 dollars. A historic maximum! By the end of the summer, the stock was still worth less than $ 215, which means that in less than 6 months its value has doubled. After some difficult moments at the start of the year, following some resounding media blunders, Elon Musk therefore seems to have regained market confidence. The prowess of which its executives and Chinese employees have shown themselves capable has a lot to do with it. In a few days, the publication of sales figures and then annual accounts will tell us if investors have seen the light by anticipating an expected increase in financial results.

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