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Does Elon Musk dream of becoming a supplier to the US military? In any case, he extolled the merits of the Tesla pickup still very mysterious.

The presentation of Tesla's electric pickup is, it seems, imminent. In the meantime, we must be content with the obvious praise, shared here and there by Elon Musk. The billionaire is completely fan of the vehicle and it seems that he has praised his merits with the US Army – reports Electrek November 6.

Elon Musk shared the anecdote at the Air Force Space Pitch Day conference, where he mainly talked about SpaceX (which has close ties with the US Air Force, whether for launching into orbit). spacecraft or for access to the Vandenberg launch pad). But, a priori, the billionaire would like to equip the ground troops with his futuristic pickup, otherwise called Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck Can Elon Musk seduce the US Army with - Tesla Cybertruck: Can Elon Musk seduce the US Army with its electric pickup? - Numerama
Tesla pickup concept // Source: Tesla

"An armored personnel carrier

" We will soon be releasing Tesla's electric pickup, which we call the Cybertruck. It looks like an armored personnel carrier (…) You will want to try it. You might like it or not like it. On the road, it will seem straight out of a film set " says Elon Musk. With his comments, he will not fail to add more and more mystery to a highly anticipated vehicle, passing after the excellent proposal of Rivian, in a crucial market in the United States. For the moment, we were only allowed a small teaser image.

Can Elon Musk really sell his pickup to the US military? Hard to say without seeing the vehicle in question, but still it will necessarily adapt to meet the many military requirements. There is also the question of autonomy: the added equipment increases the weight and will not relieve the batteries. And the fear of the outage must not exist in an area where it is necessary to avoid the flaws as much as possible.

In any case, the US military is interested in electric mobility. In October 2017, in remarks reported by Defense News, Donald Sando, in charge of the Maneuver Center of Excellence department, said: In ten years, some of our combat brigades will be 100% electric. It is a generational change. It is significant. We will do it and we will need the help of the industry. Many people think we will not be able to do it. " Tesla would therefore have every interest in positioning itself as a future trading partner of the US Army, especially since it can rely on its lead in terms of autonomy.

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