Tesla, chronicle of an announced stock market bubble? – The gallery

Tesla chronicle of an announced stock market bubble The - Tesla, chronicle of an announced stock market bubble? - The gallery

Tesla shares play yoyo. Monday, August 31, it experienced a new historic peak, after the decision of the company to divide its share price by five to make it more accessible to small savers came into force. Without changing the total market value of the company, this measure reduces the individual value of each share, making it accessible to small investors. The stock briefly hit the $ 500 threshold, up 500% since the start of the year, temporarily making Elon Musk the third richest man in the world, behind Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, with a personal fortune of over $ 115 billion. Tesla's valuation, meanwhile, peaked at $ 464 billion, surpassing that of Walmart, the top US company in terms of revenue.

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The division of its stock of securities has therefore turned out to be a very good deal for Tesla. Between the announcement made by Elon Musk in this direction, on August 11, and its entry into force on Monday, August 31, the stock jumped again by 81%, which includes a gain of 12.6% during the Monday day. On the same day, Apple stock gained 3.4% after the Apple brand also quadrupled its stock.

But on Friday, Tesla's share skyrocketed to stabilize around $ 420 on Friday, reducing …

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