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Tesla charging stations in the city centers of France - Tesla charging stations in the city centers of France? - Capital.fr
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Tesla has installed more than 17,500 chargers around the world for owners of its branded electric cars. A substantial network but which should soon be strengthened, reports the specialized site automobile-propre.com.

Indeed, if the charging stations are numerous, they are mainly located on major motorway axes in order to allow motorists to travel long distances serenely. Result: city centers are generally under-staffed while Tesla has developed, in recent years, vehicles more compatible with city life, recalls electrek.com. It is therefore urban environments that will be at the heart of Tesla's new policy.

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It was in Berlin that Tesla launched new charging stations this week. So-called "V3" models have been installed: they allow a Tesla Model 3 to be charged in barely five minutes, and thus allow it to travel 120 kilometers. Present at the inauguration, the German Minister of the Economy admitted that a lot remains to be done in terms of infrastructure to develop the use of electric cars. This is one of the main thrusts of German policy to combat CO2 emissions.

"As part of our commitment to make Tesla ownership easy and convenient for everyone, including those who do not have immediate access to charging at home or in the workplace, we are now expanding the network of Superchargers in city centers, "said Jeroen van Tilburg, Tesla's head of charging infrastructure in Europe.

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Large French cities should therefore not be left out, even if Jeroen van Tilburg stressed that in daily life, home charging – slower – remained a fairly preferred option, underlines the New York Post.

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