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Tesla is rolling out a new update for its vehicles. And among the new features: the detection of speed limit signs that it will be able to take into account and a chime as soon as it's your turn.

Tesla cars can now read speed signs Frandroid - Tesla cars can now read speed signs - Frandroid

A reassuring autonomous car is still everyone's dream. To do this, she must be able to understand her surroundings as well as possible. The various sensors can detect surrounding elements and adapt the driving of the vehicle to possible dangers. But until now, reading the signs has been more difficult.

Tesla has rolled out its new 2020.36 update. In particular, this improves the speed management of the electric vehicle with the addition of a feature called "Speed ​​assistance improvement". The American manufacturer explains using “ cameras in your car to detect speed limit signs to improve the accuracy of speed limit data on local roads. "

Once detected, speed limit signs are displayed in the Driving View and used to set the associated speed limit warning. Speed ​​assist settings can be adjusted from the Dashboard Controls tab.

A chime to signal that the light is green

Traffic lights will also be better taken into account. A " green light signal chime "Will sound when you can restart or to alert you that the vehicle ahead of you has restarted, provided that" cruise control or autopilot is not active ". Tesla cautions that this is a warning sign via notification and should not replace the driver's decision making or replace their responsibility to observe their surroundings.

Until now, you had to use the thumbwheels on the steering wheel to change or reset the traffic controller. With the update, all you have to do is press the speedometer or the speed limit panel button on the screen.

The roll-out has started and will gradually concern all models.

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