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The Tesla Autopilot now recognizes construction cones encountered on the road. This feature is part of a new autopilot update that improves the detection of obstacles on the road.

The cones oranges are the last obstacles added to the function of Driving Visualization, which makes it possible to correct trajectories or to suggest lane changes in the event of risk of collision with an object or vehicle.

cnes - Tesla: Autopilot recognizes cones - Tom's Guide

Tesla Autopilot detects and avoids construction cones

This is an important advance for the Tesla autopilot system. Although it could identify larger obstacles, especially other vehicles, the Autopilot was previously unable to recognize the famous orange cones and therefore react accordingly. With this latest update, the software now identifies the cones that limit the worksite area, and warns the driver that a change of lane is necessary, or automatically perform it in some cases.

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Now, the cones have also their own visual representation in the computer screen of the Tesla. This materialization allows the driver to find them easily, especially when visibility is reduced due to rain or darkness. Ultimately, Tesla aims to provide drivers "An improved 360 vision around their car, a more dynamic interface that recognizes and displays a wider variety of objects and lane lines."

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The objective of this recent update is of course to improve the safety of drivers. The recognition of the cones is not yet irreproachable. As can be seen in some videos, the Autopilot sometimes needs several long seconds to detect the obstacle and identify the path to take. Some Tesla owners have even reported situations in which the sensors in the car had not recognized the cones at all. As Tesla and CEO Elon Musk repeat, Tesla autopilot is a driver assistance function. Drivers must always keep their eyes on the road and be ready to react themselves unforeseen traffic.

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