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One of the Tesla Model S tested at the Nurburgring would have further improved the unofficial 7'23 "chrono that had made its share of digital ink in September 2019. According to a source on the German site Auto Motor Und Sport, which would have timed the 'self in hand, a blue prototype Model S Plaid driven by Thomas Mutsch would have completed a lap in 7'13 ".

If it is not the 7'05 "that Tesla was officially targeting, this time would put the electric sedan a little further in front of the Porsche Taycan and its 7'42". However, without making any noise, Tesla would have folded luggage and repatriated his two cars and the mobile Supercharger installed at the Nürburgring for testing.

Finally no time?

Model S views at the Nürburgring are currently prototypes. In addition to their widened lanes, specific aerodynamic appendages and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires, they would have a largely empty interior. No time with a model of series or pre-series would have been realized for the moment. And between the two sessions of Tesla, Porsche made talk with a very muscular prototype of Panamera that would have shot in 7'11 "Also Tesla would bet on a cautious communication for the moment.

It remains to be seen if the American manufacturer has really thrown in the towel regarding the announcement of a time or if a return of the Californian firm to the Nürburgring is expected. Anyway, the powertrain Plaid could draw about 800hp from three electric motors and be offered on the Model S, Model X and Roadster from 2020.

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