While Tesla is promoting the future Roadster X, the company is playing on the financial argument to convince customers to buy its models already on the market. In the United States, all three models are affected: the Model S, the Model X and even the Model 3. In France, only the first two are concerned, explains Caradisiac. Reductions that take place in a difficult context for the automotive market. Thus, Tuesday, May 26, Emmanuel Macron announced a plan to support the automotive market.

Very concretely, Elon Musk’s company decided to reduce the price of the Model S from 91,000 to 83,990 euros for the entry level. The "Performance" version is sold at 100,990 euros. For the Model X, the price of the base model goes from 96,700 to 89,990 euros. The "Performance" version is sold at 106,990 euros. Note, however, that in France, the various Tesla models are not eligible for the ecological bonus for individuals announced by Emmanuel Macron. It is in fact reserved for new vehicles whose price is less than 45,000 euros.

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As noted in the Automobile Magazine site, in return for these discounts, Tesla is removing free access to the company's network of fast-charging stations, the Superchargers. The owner of one of these vehicles will therefore have to pay to be able to refuel. Tesla also recently announced an increase in the price of its Autopilot. Elon Musk has announced that the option will cost an additional $ 1,000 as of July 1.

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