When thieves see a bag in a car in a parking lot, some of them do not hesitate to break windows to steal the property of others. However, the Tesla are perhaps the most risky targets of getting caught, due to their Sentinel Mode.

The scene took place in Houston, United States. The owner of the Tesla, Naomi Marie, had parked her car in the parking lot, without imagining that it could be broken into.

Tesla a thief filmed in action by Sentinel mode - Tesla: a thief filmed in action by Sentinel mode - Tom's Guide
Tesla Sentinel mode – Credit: Gustavo Henrique Ruffo / YouTube

With Sentinel Mode, Tesla emphasizes the safety of its vehicles. When the car is parked, you can activate the sentinel mode, which monitors the car’s environment using its cameras and sensors. The police had for example been able to find a woman who had scratched a Model 3 with a key thanks to this feature. Some thieves still seem to be unaware that a Tesla should not be attacked.

He robs a Tesla and gets caught by Sentinel Mode

In the video, the thief can be seen inspecting the interior of the car, spotting what interests him, breaking the ice and driving back in his personal car. What the thief doesn’t know is that Sentinel mode immortalizes the entire scene, which allows not only to identify the individual, but also his license plate.

Sadly, it appears his license plate is a temporary paper plate, a technique often used by Houston criminals. These videos should still allow the police to stop the thief, because he didn’t bother to cover his face. These videos are then stored in the vehicle’s glove box, which is now secured by a PIN code to be entered on the main cabin screen.

Sentinel Mode is very useful in making your car safer, but it is not foolproof. Indeed, we had been able to see a group of friends climb on a Model Y to take pictures, and the Sentinel mode did not detect anything. On some cars of the American manufacturer, this feature can be used even in difficult climatic conditions, since Model 3 has a device to melt snow in front of the Sentinel mode camera.

Source: carscoops