Tesla: a radically different design for the Model Y produced in Berlin

Elon Musk has announced that the Tesla Model Ys produced in Berlin will have a radically different design. SUVs could benefit from new manufacturing processes, without the exact modifications being specified.

Tesla wants to innovate in the production process for its electric cars. The US manufacturer had already mentioned major changes for Tesla Model Y produced in Germany. Visiting the construction site of the future Giga Berlin, where production is expected to begin in summer 2021, the Tesla boss reiterated his remarks to journalists on site.

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A redesigned design for the European version of the SUV

“There's a bunch of innovative things we're going to do here that we'll tell you about in the future. It's not just a copy of the Model Y. It's actually a radical overhaul of the underlying technology of building a car ", Elon Musk explained. "This will be the first time that there has been a transformation in the structural design of the vehicle. It is something quite important."

If the design differences between the Model Y SUVs produced in Fremont (California) and those produced in Brandenburg, near Berlin (Germany), are not yet known, certain elements are fueling speculation.

First of all, innovations should concern the design of vehicle bodywork. Tesla, which has already bought the Grohmann Automation company specializing in production automation, has recently been very active on the subject and we remember in particular a patent filed by the manufacturer referring to a highly automated machine intended for body molding.

Elon Musk also recalls that the Giga Berlin will host a multilayer paint factory, presented as "the most advanced paint factory of any automobile factory in the world".

Hopefully the different design of the German Model Ys improves the finish and assembly qualities of the electric SUV, so that they finally live up to Tesla's claims and European standards. Indeed, the latest model launched by the manufacturer is not spared by quality defects noted by some customers.

Finally, the Giga Berlin will probably produce battery cells. The Model Ys that will be produced there will therefore also be able to receive innovations in this area. To learn more, Elon Musk will meet us at Battery Day, which will be held on September 22.

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