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A racing car with very futuristic lines that does its bit, but it may be a simple concept.

We know that a Tesla Model 3 is able to put a Ferrari to the fine or to turn into prototype limo version, even pickup. But with its starting price of almost 50,000 euros, the car, which has also become the first New York electric taxi, is not within the reach of all budgets. Good news for those who would like to buy a Tesla car without paying such a large sum, the company could offer a strange Model O.

Model Zero and Cyberpunk Truck, two different cars?

It is actually a concept car unveiled, developed by Sahm Jafari during a course of study realized in the company of Elon Musk. The designer would also work on the Tesla Cyberpunk Truck. A model whose brand speaks to us for years, supposed to be presented this summer, and finally postponed to November. To come back to Model Zero, Jafari said it was a "Car that fits under the Model 3 in order to make the electric lifestyle accessible to all. The Model Zero strengthens the brand image to the entry-level market and opens the doors to sustainable mobility to almost anyone looking to get into a new vehicle. ".

In addition, this Tesla Model Zero would share some visual similarities with the Cyberpunk Truck. Elon Musk introduced this car, supposed to cost less than $ 50,000, as a machine "Really futuristic and cyberpunk like in Blade Runner", stating that his look might not please everyone. A prioriit would have nothing to do with a van. According to some commentators, the front line of the Tesla Model Zero would approach that of the vehicle unveiled in the teaser image.

tesla6 - Tesla: a Model Zero in preparation, cheaper than Model 3? - Tom's Guide

Well, everyone will have their opinion. We are especially looking forward to being in November so that Tesla clarifies a little bit of this and confirms the existence or not of this Model Zero alongside the Cyberpunk Truck. Nothing precludes that it is actually one and the same car, or that this Model Zero simply served as a source of inspiration.

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