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– The iPhone 12 Max Pro alone with 5G NR? After having revised downwards its forecasts for volumes of terminals manufactured – 80 million versus 100 million – given the health context which has sown havoc among its subcontractors, Apple is in the starting blocks to launch its iPhone 12. Amongst the most awaited capacities, 5G is undoubtedly arriving in the leading pack, so much the promise of better speeds in these times of multiplication of streaming flows of all kinds (video games, films …) and the latter will be good the appointment. But beware, according to the latest indiscretions, which could be lifted this Tuesday evening (in France) during an Apple re-entry point, only the Pro Max version of the iPhone 12 should benefit from the 5G NR (mmWave) , the most powerful, the others having to be satisfied with a 5G on the frequency band lower than 6GHz. In terms of performance, 5G NR should theoretically allow for the user to reach 1 Gbs in download, while 5G under the 6Ghz frequency band should “just” be 50% faster than 4G. Marketing argument or reality? We will have to wait a little longer to find out.

– Epic makes another attempt to overturn the ban on Fortnite on the App Store. After having played proudly, the editor of Fortnite play the cardpreliminary injunction nearby of the Short for the Northern District of California. This action would allow temporarily restore his developer account to bring his game back to the Apple platform. One third of registered players from Fortnite access the game via iOS, says Epic, which therefore significantly affects its business. The creator of Fortnite seems find outir his late heavy addiction toecosystem set up by Apple. The battle promises to be difficult sincehe Cupertino company does not intend to question its model which preludesève 30% on purchases made by users of its App Store. A percentage exorbitant but it is Apple who has created this model with the launch of its iPhone in 2007. Les Microsoft app store and Blackberry have not been ables to repeat this success.

Blueway raises € 3.5 million on MDM and API. The Lyon publisher, founded in 2005, has 150 clients, companies and administrations, who use its integration and governance software platform, combining BPM, ESB, MDM and API management. He is doing his first fundraising here since its creation. The round table is led by Capital & Dirigeants Partenaires, with Wanda Corporate Finance. It will allow Blueway to expand its teams and strengthen its presence in Europe, in the public and private sectors. The publisher’s goal is to quadruple its turnover in 5 years to reach € 18 million in 2025. Blueway is managed by Daniel Coya who also created Ixxo. The two companies are subsidiaries of the Néotis group that Daniel Coya founded in 2004.

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