Fed up with being wandering between the government and the management of the multinational, always the last to be informed of their own fate, Nokia employees went on strike. "After the massive blow of the announcement of the plan of 1,233 layoffs, a deeper anger is mounting", describes Laurent Richard. "Employees realize that not only is this plan economically incoherent, but they are also not respected as people", continues the central union representative (DSC) CGT Nokia of the Nozay site (Essonne).

Lots of public money, but no quid pro quo

They therefore ceased work on Monday at the Lannion site, in Côtes-d´Armor, and this Tuesday in Île-de-France, where a central CSE was held. "We haven't had any information yet, deplores Philippe Mulot, DSC CGT Nokia Lannion. We just learned that the management was preparing a new proposal, that the government knew the broad outlines, but we, nothing. " The elected staff therefore expect to be called to a new extraordinary CSE in the coming days, where a new plan for job cuts will be presented to them. At present, 402 jobs in Lannion and 831 in Nozay are threatened, most of them in research and development. "The state will surely put public money in the pot to maintain some semblance of activity and limit layoffs!" launches Laurent Richard, disillusioned. While he has already given so much for nothing. "

Mostly telecommuting, Nokia engineers have been meeting regularly since June and the announcement of the layoff plan for general meetings. In Lannion, unions have invested in a barnum set up in front of the gates, called the agora, where information meetings are held when weather permits.

"Our movement has paralyzed maintenance"

This is where the employees came up with the idea of ​​cutting out blue silhouettes, one per threatened post, to show the extent of the social breakdown. It is also there that they decided to charter a TGV to come to Paris to demonstrate this summer, or that they imagined symbolically reaching the Finnish headquarters of the multinational by bike, by following the route on a mobile application. while the employees pedaled on the Breton plateau. The strike was also decided there. "We explained that the strike was a way to show that we are essential to Nokia, that we can seize our globalized production chain, says Philippe Mulot. From the weekend, our strike in Lannion crippled maintenance on Nokia's software development line, and it lasted until noon Tuesday. "

Problem, on receiving the notice, the management decided to keep the doors of the site closed, arguing that the action was not compatible with the Covid. The employees had planned to come with their mowers and gardening tools so as not to leave their workplace abandoned. Gathered around 300 in front of the closed door, they decided to walk to the local Pôle emploi to hand over 402 CVs. "The management of the Lannion agency opened their mailboxes to us, we were able to leave our CVs there and, when we left, they smiled and wished us never to see each other again", continues Philippe Mulot. In Nozay, it is difficult to know the extent of the strike at the time of this writing. "For the rest, we are looking for the best way to hold virtual and participatory general assemblies", assures Laurent Richard.