The health crisis has had an impact on the change of several practices, in particular the adaptation to teleworking, a new working method totally different from face-to-face work, and which can be positive for some employees to guarantee their well-being. While for others, it can lead to burnout.

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Many people neglect to eat their breakfast, so according to Claire Leconte, ‘professor emeritus of educational psychology’, teleworking helps to improve one’s well-being, for example when one is at home, one can take quiet breaks, breakfast time.

Teleworking is a solution to fight against the stress of transport and to arrive late and also to avoid the fatigue that follows a day in face-to-face. However, parents who work at home face challenges such as taking care of their children and working at the same time. Wearing a mask is difficult to bear and especially for hours or even a day. Finally, Teleworking is beneficial for well-being, but when it is done in good condition.

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