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Come in, and make yourself comfortable. What better place to meditate on the mysteries of life than inside the future Aston Martin DBX? If you wonder about the price of the trip, it has just been unveiled.

£ 158,000 in the United Kingdom, $ 189,900 in the United States, € 193,500 in Germany … The price in France has not yet been formalized but should exceed € 195,000. It is certainly € 20,000 more than a Bentley Bentayga V8, but it remains € 100,000 less (before options) a Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

The price announcement comes with this first-ever photo of the cabin, pending the official presentation of the SUV scheduled for November 20.

The DBX has been designed in such a way that its owners feel " immediately at home As soon as they lay the sole of their suede loafers on the carpet. Because the DBX is built on a brand new platform, the head designer Marek Reichman was able to completely let go inside.

It took six months to get the perfect driving position, and we are told that the smallest button was positioned based on lengthy tests with several panels: the Aston Martin Women's Advisory Committee, for example, but also a whole bunch potential customers and even a group of children. A real people's car, so. If the people have € 195,000 to spend in an SUV.

There are TFT screens at the front and storage for 1.5 liter bottles (presumably not for Coke). We are promised plenty of legroom – both front and back. Finally, the panoramic roof and large side windows provide a sense of space.

Speed ​​sensations should not be missed either thanks to the V8 AMG 4.0 biturbo 550 hp and 700 Nm of torque, more than in the Vantage and the DB11 V8. We are also told that the DBX will brake stronger than a Superleggera and will curve as fast as a Vantage, enough to take a Nürburgring tour in less than 8 minutes … We hope that the people are not sick by car .

" The first overall performance ratings of the vehicle are incredibly promising "says Aston Martin Chief Engineer Matt Becker. It's a good thing that the side windows are so big, because you can often look through during your drifts …

Take a seat aboard the Aston Martin DBX TopGear - Take a seat aboard the Aston Martin DBX - TopGear magazine UK

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