Szafnauer: "the pressure will increase with Aston Martin" –

Otmar Szafnauer, the current Racing Point team manager who will become Aston Martin F1 in 2021, says he is eager to start a new chapter in the history of the Silverstone-based team.

From next season, Racing Point will move from customer team status to factory team thanks to the support of British manufacturer Aston Martin.

When asked if the pressure will be greater next year with the arrival of Aston Martin and a quadruple world champion in the person of Sebastian Vettel, Otmar Szfanauer replies: “Of course the pressure will increase and there will be other changes as well. Aston Martin is a 107-year-old traditional brand. " he explains to F1Insider.

“I am a big fan of James Bond. We want to represent the brand with dignity. But we'll have a fast car and two great drivers. We are well prepared. Sebastian [Vettel] will help us get the most out of the car. "

When asked if the budget limit that will come into effect in 2021 in F1 could be beneficial for his team, the American replies: “This could indeed be an advantage. "

“Either way, it's easier to grow a team than to shrink it, when we're operating below the budget limit anyway. The other teams must first identify the opportunities where they can save. "

“And they will also lose performance in the process. It could work in our favor. "

Aston Martin F1 will also have a brand new factory, as well as a brand new simulator next year, which will obviously play a big part in improving the performance of the team.

" It is true. Our simulation tools are getting better and better. Soon we will have the infrastructure to experiment more. "

"So I hope we will increase our pace of development. Then we will also have a new simulator and move to the new factory in 2021. ”

“Until then it will always be an exciting battle in the middle of the field in 2020 and for the next year I look forward to an Aston Martin team with a quadruple world champion at the wheel. "

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